Gardening with Pacifica Iris

Pacific Coast native iris have become increasingly used in private and commercial landscaping projects in the Western states.

Here you can benefit from the experiences of SPCNI members to obtain Pacifica iris seed or plants, set out young plants and keep them free from disease, provide the right soil and water conditions, choose the most favorable time to transplant or apply fertilizers, make hybrid crosses, and harvest the seeds.

Botanical gardens and nurseries often have Pacifica iris on display, especially during the late spring-early summer blooming season. In addition to ideas of inspiration and design, they can also be a good source of plants, and advice on how best to keep them healthy and growing in your garden. We have lists of nurseries in California, Oregon and Washington that feature PCI and PCI hybrids.

Iris society meetings can be a good place to learn more about Pacifica iris. If you enjoy showing your flowers, these meetings provide a venue, and a place to exchange ideas with others of similar interest. Pacific iris exhibits are often featured during local, regional and national iris society meetings and shows.

Exciting new hybrid Pacifica iris frequently become available to the public. You might like to know how to go about registering and introducing your own hybrid creation. Many introduced hybrids have already received awards in shows and exhibits. Each year, one is judged to merit the Sidney B. Mitchell Award and medal - the American Iris Society’s highest recognition of a newly introduced Pacifica iris hybrid.

If you grow, hybridize, register, or show Pacifica iris, or just want to learn more about making a place for them in your garden, our Garden Iris section will help you achieve your goals.