SPCNI Photo Journals

Our photo journals support our online articles as well as being great resources for seeing some great images of irises!

Iris bracteata

Wild Iris bracteata, growing near Cave Junction, Oregon

Iris chrysophylla

Yellow-leaf Iris Iris chrysophylla from the Oregon Flora Image Project

Iris douglasiana

Douglas iris along a trail near Port Orford on the southern Oregon coast.

Naturalized Douglas iris at Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont, California.

Douglas iris, as it may have looked before the city of San Francisco grew up around it.

Nhu Nugyen's account of Douglas iris at Limantour, Point Reyes National Seashore.

Iris fernaldii

Fernand's iris: Sonoma, Solano, Mendocino and Lake counties, California

Natural fernaldii X macrosiphon hybrids near Calistoga, Napa County.

Iris hartwegii

Iris hartwegii columbiana, the Tuolumne Iris, in Tuolumne County

Butterfly Valley Botanical Area, Plumas County; Species and hybrids

Iris hartwegii pinetorum, the Plumas Iris, in Plumas County

Iris hartwegii australis, Southern Hartweg's Iris, in San Bernardino County

Erin Riggs' 2003 study of Iris hartwegii subspecies groups

Iris hartwegii in the Central Sierras: El Dorado & Amador Counties

Iris hartwegii at Baron Flat: Journal #1 Journal #2 Journal #3 Journal #4 Journal #5 Journal #6

Iris innominata


Iris macrosiphon

Fairfax, Marin County, California - near the type locality

Iris macrosiphon from Santa Clara, Sonoma, Lake and Butte counties

Steven Edholm & Tamara Wilder of Paleotechnics show how Ground Iris fibers were used for cordage

Iris munzii

Iris munzii - more revealing multiflower photographs

The 2004 Iris munzii Trek to Sequoia National Park

"Sierra Sapphire", an intense blue Iris munzii clone

Richard Richard's SPCNI ALMANAC article on Iris munzii

Iris purdyi

Lake Sonoma region, Sonoma County, California

Iris tenax

Strong cordage from Iris tenax leaves made by Sara "Weaver Mama"

Iris tenax color palette - the real Pacifica "Rainbow Iris"?

The Orleans Iris I. tenax klamathensis - in Humboldt County, California

Saddle Mountain Park, Oregon - June 2009. Photo by Kathleen Sayce

Iris tenuissima

Iris tenuissima at Lake Shasta, Shasta County

I. tenuissima in Lassen, Shasta, and Trinity counties

Iris tenuissima along the Klamath River, northern Trinity County

Iris tenuissima on the the Salmon River, Siskiyou County

Iris tenuissima purdyiformis growing in the Feather River Canyon in Plumas County

Butterfly Valley Botanical Area

Iris thompsonii