Published Research and Horticultural Articles

PCIs have long been a focus of taxonomic research. Not all reseach reports are available through this website or online through publication services. Some particularly helpful articles have been republished by SPCNI as booklets, or included in issues of the Almanac. A university library is often the best source for research papers. Theses and dissertations are available by contacting the college or university where the work was originally submitted, or through a republishing services.

Online republication services typically require a fee to provide PDF-format article copies. They do not guarantee that all graphs, photographs or other non-text elements in the original report will be included in the digital copy, or if included, will be of the same quality as the original.

Reprints that SPCNI can provide are noted in the following list, and have been made available by permission of the originating author and or publisher, or the association that originally printed the work.

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Lacey, Louise, Editor. 1996. Pacific Coast Native Iris. Growing Native Vol. 7: 1, January / February 1996, #31. This issue (#31) focused on PCIs, with three articles by Lewis Lawyer and Adele Lawyer. Printed copies are available from Growing Native. Order GN #31 by mail at: Growing Native, P O Box 489, Berkeley CA 94701. Cost is $6. This issue is not available online.

Lacey, Louise. 2004. Perennials: 175 California Natives. 50 pages. Available at as direct download PDF; $15.

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