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2012 Sidney B Mitchell award winners

American Iris Society - 2012 Awards - Californicae Section (CA)

August 10, 2012.   Here are the winners of the AIS awards for outstanding Pacifica Coast Native Iris for 2012. For the winners in all categories, check the American Iris Society website: the AIS Awards Page. There you will find links to the pages with the AIS Awards for 2012, and to the history and previous winners of the Sidney B. Mitchell awards and metals, 1978-2010.

2012 Sidney B. Mitchell Medal. Two Winners - Blue Plate Special (Joseph Ghio) and Ocean Blue (Joseph Ghio). Runners-up - Lines That Rhyme (Joseph Ghio), Hidden Asset (Duane Meek), Dot The Eyes (Joseph Ghio).

Awards of Merit. Periwinkle Persian (Deborah Cole), Bubble Wrap (Joseph Ghio), Pinole Prince (Vernon Wood by Terri Hudson). Runners-up - Foggy Days (Joseph Ghio), Chalk Hill Road (L. W. Beeman, deceased, by Anna & David Cadd), Multiplicity (Joseph Ghio), Jolon (Joseph Ghio), Mission Soledad (Joseph Ghio), New Blood (Joseph Ghio).

Honorable Mentions. Area Code (Joseph Ghio), Band Of Showers (Joseph Ghio), Finger Pointing (Joseph Ghio), Line Drawing (Joseph Ghio). Runners-up - Mission San Antonio (Joseph Ghio), Patchy Fog (Joseph Ghio), Firework Display (Joseph Ghio), Gin And Tonic (Joseph Ghio), Silent Witness (Joseph Ghio), Cashing In (Joseph Ghio), Civil Code (Joseph Ghio), Early Days (Joseph Ghio), San Benecio (Joseph Ghio).

Follow Us On Facebook

July 16, 2011.   Thanks to Andi Rivarola, the Society now has its own SPCNI Facebook page, with visitor's photos and comments about Pacifica iris.

The Wild Iris of Marin

January 3, 2011.   A sunny April day in northern California, fields of iris flowers in every imaginable color, and the sounds of Vivaldi's Piccolo Concerto in C major. How much better can it possible get? Here is Fairfax cyclist Brian Agron's gift to us for 2011 – his 12-minute video: The Iris of Marin.

A Pacifica Iris Discussion Blog

April 8, 2010.   SPCNI members and Pacifica iris enthusiasts are invited to join the new PacificIris online discussion group - . Users post messages and photos, comment on gardening experiences, and ask or answer Pacifica iris-related questions. Sound interesting?

Three New Resource CDs

March 16, 2010.   Three new SPCNI CDs will help your understanding and appreciation of Pacifica iris. Contact the Society secretary for your copies.

1. Registrar Ken Walker has assembled a new, expanded Photo CD. Images of Pacifica iris species and hybrids are in separate folders, each image framed and labeled. ($9 US, $12 outside the USA).

2. Kathleen Sayce has scanned all copies of the SPCNI ALMANAC through 2007, together with the index and checklist. An invaluable collection. ($15 US, $18 outside the USA).

3. Jay and Terri Hudson's Power Point presentation: "INTRODUCTION TO SPCNI" pulls together the most attractive photographs of Pacifica iris in various settings. Ideal for a club or meeting presentation. ($9 US, $12 outside the USA).

Seed Collection - Legal & Ethical Reminder

August 3, 2002. A letter from Carol Bornstein, of the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, reminds us all to check state and federal status before collecting seed from wild plants. Some iris species are listed as rare and endangered. Collecting seed from plants growing on public lands requires a permit.