Yellow-leaf Iris - from the Oregon Flora Image Project

By Gerald Carr

The Oregon Flora Image Project presents thousands of high resolution images to help identify and appreciate the state's natural flora. Here are some of the Iris chrysophylla photographs taken by Gerald Carr and his daughter Melissa. Click on the photos to connect to the main index (Monocots) of the Oregon Flora Image Project site.

Iris chrysophylla photos from the Oregon Flora Image Project.

(L) Jacksonville Woodland Trail System, 1800 ft elevation, Jackson County; Gerald Carr, May 2009.   (C) Riverbank Road near Merlin, Rogue River, Josephine County; Gerald Carr, April 2006. Note the reddish pigment sometimes seen on the spathes and base of the leaves.  (R) North Umpqua Highway (138) near Steamboat, Douglas County; Melissa Carr, April, 2004. Here, the long floral tube, and the yellow leaf iris' unusually long style crests are clearly visible.