Iris fernaldii x Iris macrosiphon - Natural hybrids

Photos by Ron Parsons, May 13, 2010

Naturalist-photographer Ron Parsons noticed these natural hybrids of Fernald's and bowl-tube iris on the lower slopes of Mount Saint Helena, along highway 29 above Calistoga in Napa County. Hybrids usually have features similar to each of their forbearers, but they cannot be identified as belonging to either parent species. They might be found in situations outside the preferred habitat of either parent. Hybrid flowers with a fernaldii x macrosiphon background often display a fawn brown color on the petals and sepals. Nurseries label plants like these PCH Iris (Pacific Coast iris hybrids)

Click on the image below to connect to Ron Parsons' "Napa and Lake Counties" Picasa-Web online album;  there you can see several more of his photographs of Napa county flora.

Iris fernaldii x macrosiphon hybrids