Bowl tube iris (or Ground iris) in central California

Bowl tube iris on the west side of Mount Hamilton


Iris macrosiphon growing at about 2000 feet elevation west of the peak along the Mount Hamilton Road, Santa Clara County, California. Some flowers grow very close to the ground (thus the name “ground iris”). The name “bowl tube iris” comes from the bowl-shaped top of the flower tube - the petals separate right along the rim. May 12, 2002. Arvind Kumar.

Bowl tube iris in Helen Puntam Park, Petaluma
Exceptionally long floral tubes (nearly six inches!) on the season's first Iris macrosiphon at Helen Putnam Regional Park near Petaluma, Sonoma County, California. February 18, 1999. Steve Ayala.

Bowl tube iris in Cache Creek Wilderness area
Iris macrosiphon at the Cache Creek Wilderness Area, Lake County, California. April 13, 2002. Steve Ayala

Bowl tube iris near Table Mountain, Butte County
Iris macrosiphon and buttercups growing near the Oregon City covered bridge, not far from Table Mountain on Cherokee Road east of Oroville in Butte County, California. April 15, 2001. Steve Ayala