Shasta Iris - Sacramento River at Lake Shasta, Shasta County

Photograhs By Tom Chism

Redding photographer Tom Chism discovered this group of Iris tenuissima blooming close together near near an old pioneer family burial plot at Lakeshore, on the northern Sacramento River arm of Lake Shasta, in Shasta County. Lakeshore is only about 10 miles from Pit River Ferry - the type locality of Iris tenuissima - today submerged beneath the waters of the eastern Pit River arm of the lake. The long, slender style crests and narrow, wavy-edged petals and sepals typical of Shasta iris are clearly visible.

Iris chrysophylla at the north end of Shasta Lake.
Lakeshore, on Shasta Lake in Shasta County California, a short distance from the type locality of Iris tenuissima. May 13, 2010. Photographs by Tom Chism of Redding. Click on the pictures to see Tom's 18 Shasta iris photos in his original album.