Photos Needed!

From Ken Walker, SPCNI Registrar:

SPCNI has a collection of iris photos which I maintain. We use them for publications, the web, etc. I'm hoping to obtain photos of recent pacific coast iris cultivars. Below I've listed cultivars registered in the last four years for which we lack pictures. A photo from the hybridizer is particularly nice, but we like to have at least two or three pictures of each cultivar to show how they grow under different conditions. Also, some hybridizers are too busy, but other people may have photos of their iris. Please send any photos you'd like to share.

If you send us a photo, you grant SPCNI an unlimited, transferable, non-exclusive license to the image; in other words we can use the photo any way we want, including giving it to someone else, while you continue to use the photo anyway your want. We do keep track of the photographer and try to give credit whenever its practical.

Note that larger photos (more megapixels) are nice; for example, we could do a full cover image at high resolution. However, we're happy to receive whatever you'd like to share.

For details, please contact Ken via our Contact Form or using the meail address provided in the latest Pacific Iris.

KARAPIRO GHOST (Mary Barrell, R. 2011)
KARAPIRO PRINCESS (Mary Barrell, R. 2011)
KARMIC VENTURE (Robert Seaman, R. 2014)
KINNOULL (Philip Jones, R. 2012)
KNICKERS (Robert Seaman, R. 2013)
LICTON SPRINGS (Robert Seaman, R. 2014)
LIGHT SHOWERS (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
LITTLE BROWNIE (William Plotner ,R. 2013)
MISSION HILL (Joseph Ghio, R. 2014)
MORAL CODE (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
MUWEKMA (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
OH BOY ASHLEY (Graham Speirs, R. 2013)
OH BOY DALE (Graham Speirs, R. 2013)
OPEN EYES (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
PACIFIC PIXIE (J. T. Aitken, R. 2013)
PATCHEN PASS (Joseph Ghio, R. 2013)
PHANTOM MOON (Robert Seaman, R. 2013)
POINT LOBOS (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
POWER CENTER (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
RAY JEFFS (Tomas Tamberg, R. 2011)
RED DELICIOUS (Deborah A. Cole, R. 2012)
RURAL LIVING (Robert Seaman, R. 2013)
SALSA PICANTE (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
SCARLET WOMAN (Deborah A. Cole, R. 2012)
SIGHT FOR SORE EYES (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
SLEEPING RAINBOW (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
STAMP OF APPROVAL (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
SUNSET BEACH (Joseph Ghio, R. 2013)
SUSANNAH WEPT (Deborah A. Cole, R. 2012)
TORO CANYON (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
WAKONDA WAY (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
WANDERING EYE (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
WILDER RANCH (Joseph Ghio, R. 2013)
WOLF CREEK (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
YALAPA (Joseph Ghio, R. 2014)
ALMOST WILD (J. T. Aitken, R. 2012)
AMETHYST CLOUD (Emma Elliott, R. 2012)
AVILA BEACH (Emma Elliott, R. 2012)
BANANA SPLIT (Emma Elliott, R. 2012)
BAJA CALIFORNIA (Joseph Ghio, R. 2014)
BERENDEAN CHIFFON (Claire Patten, R. 2013)
BERENDEAN SUNNY (Claire Patten, R. 2013)
BERENDEAN VELVET (Claire Patten, R. 2013)
BERRY ICE (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
BLOOD VEINS (William Plotner, R. 2013)
BLUSHING DAWN (Robert Seaman, R. 2014)
BONUS POINTS (Joseph Ghio, R. 2014)
BORDER DISPUTE (Joseph Ghio, R. 2014)
BY GOSH (Robert Seaman, R. 2014)
CAMINO CIELO (Emma Elliott, R. 2013)
CANYON VELVET (Bruce Reed, R. 2011)
CAUGHT IN THE WIND (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
COIN COLLECTOR (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
CORRALITOS CREEK (Joseph Ghio, R. 2013)
COSTANOA (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
CUDDLE AND FLUFF (Robert Seaman, R. 2013)
DARK TANGO (Emma Elliott, R. 2013)
EDGEWORTHY (Emma Elliott, R. 2012)
FIREBURST (Robert Sussman, R. 2013)
FOCUS GROUP (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
FRECKLED KATE (George Gessert, R. 2013)
FRESH EYES (Joseph Ghio, R. 2012)
FRUIT MARKET (Emma Elliott, R. 2012)
FUNNY FARM (Emma Elliott, R. 2014)
GINGER DREAM (Emma Elliott, R. 2012)
HEATSTROKE (Robert Seaman, R. 2013)
HIGH FIRE DANGER (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
IDENTITY (Joseph Ghio, R. 2011)
I SEE (Duane Meek, deceased, by William Plotner, R. 2013)
JOYCE ELIN (Debra Gillespie, R. 2014)