Pacific Coast Iris Resources

It's a good time for students of Pacific Coast iris, with information increasingly accessible. There's this website, hundreds of contributed articles in the society's 40-year ALMANAC, publications and reprinted copies of important older reports, and frequent new photographs and interactive discussions on SPCNI's online Blog and Facebook pages.

Several supporting organizations now make available their own Pacifica iris information: AIS - the American Iris Society with its Iris Encyclopedia, SIGNA - the Species Iris Group of North America, the U.S. Forest Service, and state and local native plant societies in California, Oregon and Washington.

Photographs and sometimes entire galleries of each iris species, subspecies, and many of the named varieties are now available. Uploaded online photo collections from naturalist photographers like Tom Ballinger, Gerald Carr, Tom Chism, Mary Gerritsen, Eric Hunt, and especially Ron Parsons let us see what the Pacifica iris from places near where they were first described actually look like. We no longer need to rely solely on older written descriptions.

Books, academic studies, and popular and scientific reports on Pacifica iris are more easily available. University museums and botanical gardens provide photographs of many of the type specimens, in addition to maps and full collection site records. Public gardens and nurseries often feature outstanding springtime Pacifica iris displays. Hikers can check frequently-updated plant lists so they know what to watch for along their favorite trails.