SPCNI Seed Exchange Details

Louise Guerin, 2015 Seed Distribution Chairperson
2200 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena CA 91104
E-mail: siber AT siber-sonic.com (AT=@)

Each fall, about the time Pacific Iris is published, a list of donated iris seeds is made available here online with the options of using PayPal to place an order or sending in a paper order. Most seeds are open-pollinated, unless otherwise specified.

Before placing your order, please read the following information carefully.

Note: You must be a member of SPCNI to order from our seed exchange. If using PayPal, membership can be purchased or renewed at the end of the seed list before you checkout.

Two Easy Ways To Place Your Order:

1. Place your order online via PayPal, a reliable and secure service. Select your shipping location. View the image and information then click the Add to Cart button. To complete your order, simply click on the Checkout button. For our international members, please note that foreign currencies are accepted by Paypal.

2. Place your order through the postal service by downloading our order form. Include a check with your order; do not send cash or credit card information.

Click here to download the 2015-2016 List (PDF format).

Click here to download ordering instructions (includes Order Form).     Click here to download only the order form.

Optional: A list of substitutions can be provided in case demand of an ordered item exceeds supply, which happens quite often. When this happens, substitutions from your list will be made, you will be given more of other items youíve ordered or sent other available items. If you prefer not to receive substitutions, specify this in the order. Note: Your unfillable orders will become a donation to SPCNI.

Order Deadline:

The deadline to place your order is January 31, 2016. Orders will be filled in the order they are received; ordering early is highly recommended. Orders for multiple packets of the same seed lot will be filled, based on availability.

Feel free to contact the Seed Distribution Chairperson if you have any questions about your order or if your order does not arrive by March 1st for domestic orders and March 15th for international orders.

How To Read the Listings:

The seed list is divided into two sections. The first section is NAMED CULTIVARS and includes registered and unregistered hybrids, named species selections and their progeny. This is where the complex hybrids are listed. The second section is SPECIES AND SPECIES TYPES and includes both wild-collected and garden-collected seeds of PCI species, natural hybrids and near species plants. Remember that any garden-collected seed in either section is open-pollinated and the listing name is for the pod or seed parent only.

The first column is the listing number and includes the year it is being offered. For example, 110.13 means listing number 110 from the 2013 seed exchange list.

In the second column youíll see the letters L, M or S. This refers to the quantity of seeds that we have available. In an effort to share each donation with as many people as possible, the number of seeds included in each packet will be based on the quantity available and the number of orders for that item.

The third column includes the description and name of the pod parent or the cross that produced the pod parent. Names within parentheses identify the parentage of a single parent. Descriptions are taken from the AIS Iris registration, if available. All seeds are open-pollinated unless otherwise noted.

The fourth column shows the last name of the seed donor along with the year the seeds were submitted. Seeds from the same source plants donated in multiple years are grouped in a single listing with donation year indicated. Plants grown in different gardens, even though the same species or cultivar, are still listed separately. The freshest seed in each seed lot will be distributed first. Remember that PCI seeds remain viable for many years.

A BIG Thank-You to all who donate seeds! Donor participation makes the SPCNI Seed Exchange possible.