About the SPCNI Website

The SPCNI website was initially developed by Steve Ayala in 2003 and wonderfully managed by him until I took the responsibity over. I hope that all SPCNI member appreciate the time and effort he invested in this website! Much of the content for the webiste update in 2013 came from his many hours of development.

I am pleased to managing the SPCNI website. However, please keep in mind that this website will be only as good as the content (articles and photos) provided by the SPCNI membership. Your job is to provide content as well as promote the website at your local sales and events. My primary job is to take the content provided, format it and add it to the active web content. I generally focus on major updates during the early part of the year when I'm unable to be working outside with my Pacific Coast Iris collection at Leonine Iris. Small corrections are made as my time allows.

Feel free to contact me using the Contact form. Incuding a reference to the WebMaster in the subject line will get your message to me quicker.