Shasta iris - Farther South in California

Photographs by Ron Parsons and Mary Gerritsen

Photographer-authors Ron Parsons and Mary Gerritsen have online photo albums from several regions of northern California, helping others to appreciate something the range of variation they found in local wildflowers. The iris shown below are from photo collections put together toward the southern reaches of the Klamath Mountains along the Trinity River, in Humboldt county. The long style crests, and wavy-edged petals and sepals that help identify Iris tenuissima are clearly visible, although the flowers show many similarities to its close relative Iris chrysophylla.

Iris tenuissima along the Trinity River.

May 7, 2011.   (L) Highway 96, near Orleans; Mary Gerittsen.   (C) Same location; Ron Parsons.   (R) Highway 96, north of the Hoopa Indian reservation; Ron Parsons. Click on the photographer's name to connect to the original albums and see several other examples from the same populations.